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The Urariquera is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful rivers in the world. This complex system completely surrounds the 75 mile long island of Maraca, one of Brazil's most carefully guarded national treasures. The southern furrow of this wild river is a region of unbelievably convoluted braids. Separating and rejoining endlessly, the waters range from 6 feet to 600 feet wide from slow moving, lagoon· like pools to raging white-water torrent from shallow, jungle-lined passages to bottomless, stone-walled chasms. To the north the furrow of Santa Rosa rolls placidly along in a single, wide channel, until the river's source climbs precipitously into a region of gigantic waterfalls. This incredible diversity provides optimal environments for an amazing variety of species.

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Loaded with exotic species, the Urariquera is host to some of the world's most exciting game fish. Payara - One of the greatest of all freshwater game fish. The Payara probably offers the best mix of fighting attributes of any fish yet discovered. Gut wrenching strikes, blazing, line stripping, reel smoking runs and acrobatic, headshaking leaps characterize this fanged monster's fighting technique. The Urariquera holds plenty of Payaras into the 20 pound class, with even bigger fish lurking in some of the deep pools and tail waters of this mighty river. Pirapitinga. Known popularly as "Pacu", this brawny battler provides extraordinary thrills· beyond the expectations of anglers encountering it for the first· time. Vicious strikes are followed by prolonged, powerful runs. Reaching well into the 20 pound class, these robust giants provide an extended battle. Without a doubt, the World record pirapitinga is waiting in these waters. Jau Among the world's largest catfish, huge jaus are found throughout the Urariquera fishery. The world record was shattered here by an 85 pound monster. That's only the beginning. There are Jaus lurking in the river's depths that may easily double that size. The variety doesn't end here ...

Bicuda - A large, pike-like characin. Reaching 3 feet long, they provide a breath-taking aerial performance. Matrincha of Yatorana - Up to 10 pounds, these large Brycons fight like trout on drugs. Powerful runs punctuated by flying leaps characterize heir fighting style.

Piraiba - The Amazon's largest catfish, these odd monsters are known to exceed the 300 pound range. Not often caught on rod and reel, specimens in the 200 pound class lurk in the Urariquera.  

Piranha - Big piranha roam this fishery. Anglers can readily fight fish into the 6 pound class, Jundira - A smaller catfish typically under 10 pounds. The World record was recently set here. Peacock bass - Smaller specimens of Cichla Monoculus and Ocellaris can be found here. Pescada - A freshwater drum reaching 10 pounds, pescada hold in quiet backwaters and off sandy beaches.

Red· tailed Catfish - This giant can reach over 100 pounds.

An IGFA 30 lb. line class record was caught here.

Others - Species of Collosom, Brycons, Aracu and more. Who knows what else lurks in the remote, untouched waters of the Urariquera.

Certainly many more world record opportunities await in this land of giants.

Maraca - "Ilha de Maraca", the giant river island in the heart of the Urariquera is one of the richest natural biospheres remaining in the world today. Few tropic ecosystems have been protected as carefully as this critically important reservoir for species preservation and biodiversity. A remarkable ecological reserve, Maraca includes habitats ranging from rainforest and semi-deciduous forests to national savannahs, lakes, and palm swamps.

Urariquera River Camp - Simple, comfortable, efficient and environmentally correct were the design goals met by this new facility. Anglers enjoy secure, land-based, double-occupancy bungalows, complete with toilet, sink, shower, lights and fans. Cool nights make sleeping in the breezy, screened units a pleasure and make blankets a necessity. The camp's fully equipped kitchen provides excellent meals in the roomy, screened dining room. A palate pleasing variety of dishes with  a taste of Brazil and Venezuela or a touch of home are offered at every meal.  The camp is equipped with 110 volt generators, refrigerators, shortwave radio, satellite phone and daily laundry service. Surrounded by reserve,  Built to be completely removable with out breaking a single branch or leaving a single trace, the camp blends into the pristine, Maraca Island riverside forests. Safari Camps - The new Urariquera fishing Camp offers comfortable, land-based, double-occupancy, safari-style bungalows. They are fully floored, with a 4 plywood insulated roof, fully screened walls and an aluminum entry door. They have individual bathroom facilities, complete with showers. Each unit has each 2 comfortable single beds with fresh bed linens, mattresses and its own battery powered ventilation and lighting system. The camp consists of 'bedroom' units for each pair of anglers, a large (18'x10'), screened dining room/sitting lounge and a full equipped kitchen. Employees outnumber guests - with approximately 10 staff members, including a bilingual host, camp manager, cooks, waiter, laundry personnel, maids, boat technician and fishing guides.




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